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8/25/2021 -- Camino Pharma initiates Phase 1 study of SBP-9330 in development for the treatment of tobacco use disorder. Camino Pharma Press Release


9/16/2020 -- $11.4 million NIH grant advances drug to treat nicotine addiction. Funding awarded to scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys, Camino Pharma and UC San Diego propels drug candidate through first-in-human studies. Camino Pharma Press Release

6/30/2020 -- Camino Pharma receives $920K Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. New class of drugs focuses on treating major depression. Camino Pharma Press Release

9/27/2017 -- Camino Pharma Co-founder Receives $10.8 Million Grant for Development of Potential Drug for Cocaine and Nicotine Addiction. Camino Pharma Press Release

9/26/2017 -- SBP Scientist Receives $10.8 Million Grant to Advance Potential Drug for Substance Abuse. New class of drug may help treat cocaine and nicotine addiction. SBP Press Release

9/26/2017 -- San Diego scientist gets $10.8 million for substance abuse drug. The San Diego Union-Tribune

9/26/2017 -- Sanford Burnham Prebys Testing Drugs to Treat Cocaine, Nicotine Addictions. Times of San Diego


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